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Background / Biography
Bigg T a.k.a "Young Masterpiece" began his composition of music in 2003 and had been playing the piano years before. He was given a copy of FL Studio by a friend and started to use the program, teaching himself and learning different techniques. His brother in music Sean "Audio" Robertson also learned about the program around this time and him and T shared tricks and techniques of making beats. Therefore both producers have similiar but unique styles.

Over the next few years, Bigg T contiuned to make beats, held recording sessions, and has had different artists make songs to and even perform to his work. He witnessed the first group to perform a song on his beat in 2005 however, he was not given the credit he deserved. Not being discouraged, he continued his work and honed his skills even more, creating his own uniquely dramatic style of music grounded in a Classical music background. He was given the name "Young Masterpiece" by Luke "Limelite" Crowder because of this. But at the same time he has been able to remain diverse in his music creation. Bigg T has worked closely with many other local producers as well including...TC Da Don, InTACT, J-Quake, and many others in different locations.
Timbaland, Bryan M. Cox, S.W.A.T.T.E.A.M, InTACT, Audio, J Quake

Bigg T Productions
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