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by Fromclick, posted 08/02/14 07:43:52

hey,fleetwood, sure I could do something for you for 10 $,just say if u wish and i will start work for you! One beat for 10 $ and so many as u wish man

by Exiled, posted 06/16/12 17:56:18

Bridge To Now, Open Balcony & Atmospheric....I want all of the beats!!!!!!!! I was wondering the lengths of them? I was also wondering if you would do a package deal for them? Or for how many beats would you do a package deal and for how much? Ive only went through about 15 of your beats and im impressed ,but if you are willing to manipulate the pricing a little i'll go through the rest!!!! HOLLA BACK

by fleetwood, posted 03/20/11 23:56:48

what up dog you still cuttin deals ? if so what can you do for me on wonder 2 and forward 2 let me know thanks dog peace fleet

by fleetwood, posted 03/14/11 22:47:21

yo, dog i got 3 of your beats two from here one at your other place all east coast beats thier all fresh missed out on one i wanted but thats the game yo dog im putting together a mixtape right now just drop my alubm last month you can check it on i tunes or amazon mp3 under fleetwood/dream big .yo want to here some more east coast beats from you but thier is one beat i would like to get its the good company track wanted to see if you could do 10$ for me let me know what you can do still need 10 more beats so ill be back thanks fleet

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