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F.A.Q.Music Producers

How do I change my password?

Log into your account, then click "account info" inside of your control panel. Scroll down through your user settings until you see the "new password" field. Type in your old password, then your new password twice. Click update settings, and your password should have successfully changed.

What is the site's method of payment(s)? uses PayPal for ALL transactions.

How do I start selling beats ?

Sign up with a producer account and fill out your profile and payment information. Then upload your beats. Add your links and myspace player where your target customers will find it! (Myspace, Forums etc.)

How do I upload beats ?

Log into your control panel and click "Upload beats". Enter your beat title, genre and licensing information. Select the beat you're uploading with an image to accompany it, and list your asking price (Do not add a $ sign in the price area).

Payment to Producers - How and When Producers get paid ?

Payment to Producer(s): pays Producers according to their Producer quota (i.e. Gold, Platinum or Diamond).

Commission Rates:

Gold members receive 70% net from their sales, 30% commission rate applies.

Platinum: Platinum members receive 80% net from their sales, 20% commission rate applies.

Diamond: Diamond members receive 100% of their sales, no commission applies.

Payment Schedule:

Payment of monies earned by Producer(s) on the site ( will be sent at the end of every month. We shall use our best efforts (within our control) to minimize bad/fraudulent transactions and to collect unpaid funds through various reasonable and practical means. However, is NOT liable for any transaction(s) that may not have successfully been completed, thus we shall not be responsible for paying you (the producer) for any transaction from which we have NOT actually received payment.

What currency is used on the site ?

This site deals in United States Dollars (USD), for ALL transactions.

I just paid for a subscription, when will my upgrade take place ?

Once payment has been received, your account will be upgraded (please allow time for changes to take effect - and remember to refresh).

Should I have received a confirmation email after registration ?

You should have received an email from Sometimes e-mails are blocked by spam filters or end up in junk mail. Look in your junk mail folder and check that you did in fact receive an e-mail from containing a link to confirm your account.

Vocal Tags BETA has a vocal tag system designed to further protect your beats. This vocal tag is laid over the "preview file" that the listeners will stream before purchasing the beat. This does not in any way effect the sound quality of your beats. The actual mp3 file of the beat will not contain this vocal tag when it has been purchased. (Therefore there is no-need for you to add vocal tags on either of your beat uploads).

What audio file format should I use when uploading my beats ?

You will need to convert all of your audio files to MP3 format in order to upload them to We recommend that your preview file be encoded at 128kbps 44.1khz and your main file be 160kbps 44.1khz. There are many file conversion software available online, which are free and easy to use.

How do I cancel my account/subscription ?

To have your account cancelled, please login and delete your beats. After that, simply notify us at: telling us that you would like to have you're account deleted, and it will be permanently removed from our site's accounts and records. Cancelling a subscription will need to be done directly from your paypal account.

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