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FAQ Beat Buyers/Customers

F.A.Q. Beat Buyers/Customers

Please be sure to read our "Terms of Service" which is located on the bottom of every page.

What is the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive?

NE License - Non-exclusive beats (licenses) purchased on are "leased" to customers/recording artists to create a "new work" (a track). Producers retain the right to sell and re-sell the same beats to as many new customers as they desire. Non-exclusive beats are used for demo's, mixtapes or for promotion on social media sites such as,, etc.

EX License - Exclusive beats (licenses) purchased on are a permission that grants the customer/recording artist the exclusive right to use the beat for a demo/mix tape, on an album or on the radio. Producers can sell exclusive licenses to only ONE customer.

How does leasing a beat work ?

Generally, beats that are sold under a non-exclusive license are "leased" to the buyer. This means that the buyer can create a "new work" using the beat. The "new work" can ONLY be used on the internet (on sites such as,, etc.) or on a demo/mixtape for promotional use. "Leasing" a beat DOES NOT grant the buyer permission to use that beat for a track on an album, or submit the "new work" to radio.

What rights am I granted when I purchase a beat under an exclusive license ?

Beats that are purchased under the terms of an exclusive license grant full exclusive rights to the buyer. This means the buyer will be the only person who is granted permission by the producer to use the beat for a song on their album. Beats that are purchased exclusively can also be used for "new works" that will be performed live or submitted to radio stations.

Are there any royalties or back end payments ?

  The producer will get 50% of the writers credit for the completed song. You are required to give credit to the producer on your song releases "Produced by:". This usually means 50% of all statutory publishing and mechanical royalties will be paid to the producer of the beat.

Copyright and Royalty Licenses ?

  When you purchase an exclusive, you will remain the sole licensee of the beat. The creation and copyrights remain in the possession of the producer who created/sold the beat. For filling out and filing copyright registration forms please see: . You should thoroughly read through the instructions before sending in the forms. For more information go to

Do I need to sign up with an account to buy beats ?

   No, you do not need an account to buy beats, however, the information you use for the payment process will automatically create an account for you. This is so you can access your purchased beats in the "my files" section located at the top of the user control panel.

What are the methods of payment ?

  You can pay for your purchase at using PayPal, which is one the safest and easiest ways to send and receive payments.

How do I buy beats  ? makes buying beats simple and secure. Browse the beat charts or find rap beats by genre, plays or rating. When your ready just click the buy button next to the beats you want and add them to your cart. When your finished shopping confirm your order and click "check out". You will be re-directed to PayPal where you can complete the rest of the payment process.

How do I get my beats ?

  New customers/users that are not already registered will be sent an e-mail which contains a user name and password made automatically from the payment information that they provided. The e-mail will contain the instructions to log in, from there you can access your control panel and find the beats in your "my files" section.

I did not find my beats ?

   Please check your e-mail for a login/password to access your beats in the "my files" section at the top of your control panel. There is also a second link on the main page of your control panel "Click here to download files that you purchased".

When I buy a beat, can I use the song on my album and perform it live ?

All non-exclusive beats have a limited-commercial use license, meaning you can use them as tracks for your demo or mix tape. "New works" can be performed live, as long as the producer receives 50% of the royalties earned from the live performances. Only beats that have been purchased under the terms of an exclusive license can be used for an album. Each exclusive license is good for ONE (1) commercial project. This means you can use the beat for one album release, but must buy an additional license if you plan to use the beat on a "Greatest Hits" or any Re-Release of any kind, up to and including a remix or remixes. However, you must give producer's credit for creating the beat used in the "new work" listed on single, mix tape or album release.

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