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Reality Is Just Perspective - Marketing Rap Beats

Reality Is Just Perspective - Marketing Rap Beats

As a hip hop producer you play many roles: creator, promoter and entrepreneur. These are just some of the many hats most music producers wear on a regular basis. First you make some hot beats and then your next step is to get placements on songs, TV, movies or anything that will help you get more recognition. That is, of course if people are actually buying your beats. Having no reputable brand name for people to recognize and trust makes it hard to earn money or respect, period. So how can a hip hop producer go from making no sales, to making money like a pro ?

To put it simply, you get a "buzz" by creating a perceived hype for your peers and clients to believe in and rally behind. Reality is just a perspective. Define your brand name in a way that makes it easy for music industry professionals and potential clients to identify you. If the perception is that you are a hot producer with high quality instrumentals, clients are more likely to work with and/or deal with you based on this type of good impression.

Since you are in the business of selling your music, you must showcase your own talents and overall value to everyone you work with or may want to work with in the future. Whether you want to increase the number of your sales or work with a famous music industry professional, the goal is to create a reality where there is high demand for your music.

The best way for you to achieve this result is to concentrate on making your brand name or sound as appealing as possible. This is done by playing to your strengths and skills as a producer. Also, give your peers and your clients something to "buzz" about in their blogs, publications and online discussions or interviews. The key to pulling this off is to think like a publicist and/or marketing executive.

Understanding the art of hype and promotion is watching and learning how the pro's market products every day. If you specialize in making dirty south beats with a unique sound, then you should highlight what specifically makes your sound and skills unique and marketable. Also, you can use comparisons between your work and the work of a professional drawn. Such as "(Producer-Name) has refined the style of the sound pioneered by DJ Premier".

HYPE YOUR MUSIC PRODUCTION! You have got to be your best hype man to advocate for your rap beats because no one else on this planet knows your own production skills better then you do. Real heart and passion for the music will always shine through and be recognized, so leverage your own enthusiasm in favor of your music.

Think about it, by giving other industry professionals as well as your current music clients something to be hyped up about, you give opportunity a reason to knock on your door. The art of hype is helping people to believe in the benefits you offer as a producer. Reality is just a perspective, so go out and create a popular perception of your music.

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