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Tutorial - Uploading Beats - CP Features

Producer Tutorial --- Uploading Beats and CP Features

Uploading a Beat

Inside your control panel, on the right hand of your screen is your menu bar. Find the option to "upload beats", click it and you will be directed to choose from different buttons; upload a beat, modify existing beats and delete a beat. Choose "upload a beat" and you will arrive at the upload form.

Adding a beat name, genre and rights

Now simply enter in the title of your new beat and then adjust your license terms accordingly (Non-Exclusive or Exclusive). Pick the genre that the beat style resembles the closest. Once you have uploaded a number of beats, you will also be able to arrange them in the order of your choosing. For example, if you have a new hot beat that you want people to listen to first, you would put that at the top of your page.

Adding a preview file and picture

You will be prompted to upload a preview file, as well as a picture for the beat. (The preview file will contain the tag that will play over your beats). Next you will upload the actual beat file that your clients will receive.

Adding a vault file and price

Your main mp3 file can be the same as your preview file, just make sure that you upload both. Once that is done you'll want to add some information for the users cart, so re-type the beat name and license in this area. Next you can add in your price and if your selling exclusives you'll need to change the sales limit to 1.

Producer Info and Stats

This is where you can modify your producer information and check out your profile stats. Be sure to fill out your profile information and talk about your background in beat making.

Posting In Your Producer Blog

Use your producer blog to keep people up to speed with all of your news and updates. Did you just win a music production award, or have you graduated from a music production program? Include your achievements in your blog posts and share your movement with everyone. Did you just upload 3 beats and now want people to know about it? Make a post about your new beats, or maybe try throwing a sale for your clients. After the sale ends you can adjust the price back to normal.


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